Mocha Henna does GUESS, Toronto Eaton Centre


My GUESS handbag has been a holy grail among many. It's that accessory with the right amount of bling to rock any look with. So Guess what? When I was approached with the opportunity to work at the GUESS store and offer my signature henna designs, I was beyond excited! The event was entitled "Summer Escape." Which it was indeed. Alongside their sales event, was a medley of in-store attractions that made it feel more like a summers escape. Mocha Henna hit the heart of downtown Toronto, at the Toronto Eaton Centre, and this is where it all went down!

Walking into the store, I glanced over to the other vendors setting up who were equally as excited as I was! On scene was a live DJ, Hair Stylist, Photo booth and complimentary frozen desserts to counter the blazing heat outside and the hot deals inside! Check us all out in action.


There's no holding back people when it comes to henna. I was barely done setting up when already there was a line of eager beavers ready to adorn themselves. Just as the music started pumping, I quickly got into the groove and my creative juices started flowing. There was an earnest type of excitement glaring on the faces of people waiting in line which kept my momentum alive. The crowd gradually increased as time disappeared into space.

A consistent pattern I observe from doing henna events is how it brings people together.  Henna breaks down any preconceived barriers. People are organically drawn to the beauty of  this simple plant and before long, it's the star topic of every conversation. It often acts as an icebreaker to some great conversations too! I'm a naturally shy person, so to be able to connect with clients in an intimate setting and talking about my favourite thing in the world is a comfortable way to meet new people. 

Henna designs done for the lovely customers at the Summer Escape event at GUESS.

Clips of me creating henna magic!

One of the highlights of the event was meeting many of my followers from Instagram who stopped by to say hello as I advertised the event earlier. It was great putting faces to the names I see in my feed. I always appreciate the love and support.

When closing hours came around, I stayed behind to satisfy a group of people before I officially called it a night. I kid you not, it was 4 hours of non-stop henna, and unfortunately because of the attraction associated with henna, I'm always put in a position to turn people down at the end. The only advice I can give to my dear henna enthusiasts is to beat the disappointment and come early!

The Guess store staff did an awesome job in making sure everything went smoothly and included a goodies bag for me to take home which was so kind! Looking forward to connecting with them again soon!

Photo credit given to Saima Syed for professionally capturing the key moments of the event so that I can share this blog post with you all!


Mandatory selfie in front of the GUESS store after the event was over.