The Rise of Henna Art in Toronto

There's more to henna folks!  The rise of trendy henna art has been flourishing the city of Toronto lately. I've been getting a ton of requests for non-traditional 'henna tattoo' style designs. It has completely grown on me and become my new obsession!

A typical non-traditional design resembles a piece of accessory or jewelry on the body rather than the the orthodox Indian or Arabic henna design. If you're not familiar with the different types of henna styles, google some images, you'll get an idea.

The inspiration comes from current fashions like bold cuffs, midi rings, chain rings, mandalas, gladiator sandals etc. These current trends intertwined with henna art, brings another layer of beauty and exotic accent to your painted nails or pretty sandals.

 I like to call this a Romanesque Style Henna Design with that whole gladiator look going on.

This resembles a western style motif.

Midi rings, chains and charms galore!

Creating fashion forward henna designs personally gives me the opportunity to take on the challenge of staying current and expanding additional motifs to my collection.

I've been doing henna for well over 15 years and every time an onlooker catches a glimpse of  a new henna design on me, I get stopped. The biggest way to make an impact to your overall look is with a cool henna piece.  You'll be attracting so much attention and compliments. It's eye catching and completely unexpected!

I have a feeling, if the weather gets any better,  the requests will multiply and who knows, I might have to open a full on henna salon with employees and all. Hmmmmmm...