Mocha Henna at the GAP, Yorkdale Mall, Toronto

Last week Mocha Henna was invited to the GAP at Yorkdale Mall for a fun night of shopping and henna. It was an enjoyable experience collaborating! The line up was in full effect and I had never seen so many smiling faces hanging out with their henna'ed hands at one place!  So many of you mentioned that you had seen my work on Instagram which was so uplifting :)

As soon as set up was complete, interested onlookers including the staff at the GAP were crowding, asking questions and hovering over my side to watch.  The unfortunate thing about being a henna artist, is that it's near impossible to socialize because we're working non-stop to make you look beautiful!  Between the time I started and finished, I rarely got a chance to look up. The event was from 6-8pm but due to the anticipation we started early and continued until closing hours of the store!

Thank you to everyone who showed up to the fun filled event! The henna complimented the GAP style very well!  For those of you who missed out, here are pictures of the GAP styled by event sponsored by  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get additional photos as it was difficult to capture every moment under a busy schedule.  My biggest regret was not being able to take photos of the lovely staff at the GAP as well as my team who helped out tremendously! 

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GAP event sign.

Me, just minutes before the rush began.

Yes, I was colour coordinating with the GAP colours.

Fresh Mocha Henna cones! Many were picking up and smelling the sweet scent of the henna cones.  I was up late the night before, handmixing, rolling and preparing the cones.

Hand selfie and table set up.

Getting my henna flow on!

The attraction!

The sparkle of the gems made the hands all that more prettier!

The infamous floral strip!

Pretty little mandala and a gap outfit in hand :)

Glitter dust and a peak of my henna ;)

A lovely symmetrical henna design.

A cool wavy design across the hand.

Happy with their henna but even happier to take this group shot!

I was so happy to see others just as interested and in love with henna as much as me. 

Waiting impatiently!

A view from outside the store.

You can't see me because of the crowd, but I promise I was there!

I remember doing a lot of small mandalas with the 'V' pattern.

Complimenting her tattoos with a lil' henna.

One of the last ones of the evening. An elegant floral strip.